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why you should contact a doctor before turning to viagra
if you notice that you are having impotency problems such as inability to erect, or inability to sustain an erection that is required for penetration or sexual activity, you need to contact doctor first before you begin taking viagra. not all the cases of erectile dysfunction need treatment by use of drugs.
some cases of erectile dysfunction could be caused by other factors which when they are addressed, the normal sexual health can be attained without the intake of drugs. a good example is diabetes, high blood pressure, high fever or terminal illness. all these can cause erectile dysfunction.
these conditions and the drugs that are used to manage or treat them can cause also various problems of erection. stress, depression, abuse of drugs and alcohol, etc, can also cause erection problems. it is highly recommended that you consult your doctor first.

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the doctor will carry put various tests and examinations so as to determine the exact cause of the erectile dysfunction. viagra should only be prescribed when the erectile dysfunction cannot be corrected through any other means also, even in those situations and instances where erectile dysfunction can only be addressed by the administration of drugs, viagra may still not be recommended especially if the health of the patient is not within the required standards. if for instance the patient is suffering from heart problems, dizziness, seizures, etc, this drug can cause serious side effects and complications that may even lead to death and thus it may not be safe.

you may ask why all these precautions are exercised. well, like any other drug, viagra has various side effects even when it is prescribed by a doctor. some people may experience mild and transient side effects that do not last long; others may experience serious side effects for prolonged period of time while others may experience none at all.

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viagra may cause serious and unsafe drop of blood pressure especially if it is taken together with some other medicines. if the blood pressure drops to this unsafe level, you may faint, feel seriously dizzy, or suffer from stroke or heart attack. you should buy viagra if you are taking some other medications that are generally referred to as "nitrates" that are generally used in the controlling of angina (chest pains).
you should also not this drug if you are taking some other drugs that are generally referred to as "poppers". some examples of "poppers" include butyl nitrate and amyl nitrate. when the nitrates are taken together withy viagra , they may cause your blood pressure to fall seriously below the healthy levels.
if you were born with you have ever suffered from heart attack or any other problem or condition you should inform your doctor before buy viagra online australia is prescribed to you.

sexual activity strains the heart very much. if your heart is weak because of a condition that you were born with, or which developed later in your life it may worsen and pose health risk or even cause death.

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